Swiftnut. The ultimate time saving device!


The SWIFTNUT is an inexpensive and simple solution for screwing nuts on screwed rod and long threaded bolts.

As the containment is used to house all fixtures and fittings utilised by the building trade, this containment requires screwed rod with nuts manually adjusted to the desired height. This is a labour intensive and time consuming function in the construction area.

This is where the SWIFTNUT comes into play!

It is the ultimate time saving device for plumbers, engineers, ventilation engineers and electricians, who all spend time and energy on manually running nuts on the screwed rod and long threaded bolts.

The advantages are many and applicable to a wide range of trades.

The ultimate time saving device has arrived!

SWIFTNUT will travel a meter in seconds.

Easy to use, time and energy saving and also economical.

SWIFTNUT is designed to run the nut up the thread yet not fully tighten.

Has the option of a universal nut or can be made for individual nut sizes.

From a safety standpoint the nut stops the procedure when the SWIFTNUT reaches a solid face.

Attaches to any hand held drill.

Important note:
SWIFTNUT is not used for tightning nuts!
The drill should be used on LOW TORQUE!

The usual safety eyewear and protective clothing should be worn!

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Made in Scotland

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